A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Little Devil  surrounds main character Phip-an awkward vulture kid who has a crush on his classmate, Blair. After Blair goes missing for a week, Phip finds a decomposing hand in the middle of the woods, and hes almost certain it belongs to her! When Phip brings her back to life, he is sure they will become friends and arrest her killer..........But we don't care about Phip and what he wants! We want Blair and pretty colors and murder and that's exactly what this game is about!

There are a total of 7 different endings and multiple choices to reflect that! I'd recommend saving in between choices so you can load after a bad end :}

right click to save! 

/music is from animal crossing new leaf!/

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PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
GenreVisual Novel
TagsCute, Horror


Windows 96 MB
Mac 78 MB
Linux 84 MB


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this shit was so cute..................................


WOW. This game is absolutely fantastic. I adore the art style, especially the CG's and all the effects were really well done!! This was a blast to play (and replay, gotta get all those endings), hope you keep making great games!!


Cute games with dark twists are one of my favorite tropes, yet this Little Devil (pun intended) gave me a FULL 360.

The music was upbeat and playful, cutesy, sweet, the characters were sweet looking and lovable, but my god was the game dark!

I have to quote the dev here (even though its stated just above):

"We want Blair and pretty colors and murder and that's exactly what this game is about!"

They weren't talking up. That's EXACTLY what this game is about!

Want to see for yourself? I'd recommend playing the game. If you'd rather not (or just want a sneak peak before the real show) check out my video below of my first game play. I will be playing every route, so subscribe for the follow up!


Did a full playthrough.